10 Addictively Cool Websites

Cool Websites that are incredibly addictive!

If you're used to procrastinating on social media or sites like BuzzFeed and Reddit then you really need to start upping your game when it comes to time-wasting! While the aforementioned websites can be enjoyable and interesting, they're just not cool. If you want cool websites that are intriguing, insightful and entertaining, as well as having the ability to help you pass the time, then we've got just the sites for you. So sit back, grab some popcorn or a coffee, and enjoy our top ten incredibly addictive cool websites...

1) Pollock. No, not the fish or the cricketer, the artist Jackson Pollock. If you're into art, modern art or just making a mess on a page then this site is definitely for you. Just move your mouse around and you'll create a masterpiece that your parents would probably put on the fridge. Or maybe not.

2) Feed the Head. At first glance this site looks a bit odd and like it might not be that fun after all. However, as soon as you begin you realise quite the opposite - it's actually extremely addictive! Click the interactive head to make it, er, do things. Trust me, you'll love this cool site!

3) I Love You Like A Fat Lady Loves Apples. Yes, I know what you're thinking (probably something along the lines of 'WTF is that?', right?!), but this is incredibly addictive. The premise? You have to assist a big, fat lady sat at the end of a table to eat apples....

4) Smarty Pins. For the geography or quiz buffs amongst you, Smarty Pins will have you absorbed for hours. It's pretty straightforward, i.e. you answer questions and then have to locate a place correctly on a map, but it's actually a pretty cool quiz and I've certainly spent many an hour on it!

5) The Useless Web. This is definitely a head-scratcher. It takes you to totally random, useless websites. As you have no idea what is coming up next you'll always be shocked at what you come across, which means you won't be getting bored of this cool website anytime soon!

6) This is Why I'm Broke. If you're addicted to shopping or spending money, or are easily coerced into buying things then do not visit this site under any circumstances. You'll be shown scores of random things that you can buy on the internet...so be careful as you may end up broke if you spend too much time on it!

7) Fly Guy. A guy that can fly, surprisingly. The higher you go the more people you'll meet and some of them are very interesting characters. I love the retro graphics on this one - it reminds me of being about 7 playing on our BBC computer.

8) Pandemic. I think this might be the most addictive game known to man. The basic premise is that you have to infect the world with a virus/bacteria/parasite and kill off the entire human race. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. Damn you, Madagascar! 

9) Gizoogle. If you can't figure out what this is then you've probably been living under a rock for the last twenty years. This is probably the coolest of cool - it translates your normal, every day speech into cool Snoop Dog 'gangsta speech'. 

10) Staggering Beauty. Staggeringly simply this one. Use your mouse to make the worm dance. Yes, that's it, but don't knock it until you've tried it - I once spent a whole 18 minutes doing it. I live an enthralling life don't I?!

So there you have it folks, the top ten seriously cool websites that are amazingly addictive. For more sites like this go: https://thebestsites.com


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