Best Router Modem Combo

Which is the best router modem combo?

Believe it or not, the internet is behind pretty much every new technology that we use. The use of cloud architecture means that software is hosted in data centers, and our cable packages have been replaced with a variety of video streaming services. In short, a large proportion of our lives are now web-based, which ultimately results in the constant requirement for uptime and low latency. As internet usage has increased, so has the amount of bandwidth, with some Internet Service Providers now offering packages that have over 250Mbs of throughput, which enables us to access a vast amount of data at lightning fast speeds. Over the last five years, the amount of bandwidth we use has tripled, and it is unlikely to stop growing at such a rapid rate. 

Despite the increased bandwidth and super quick internet speeds currently available, the internet isn’t always as quick as we want it to be. Unfortunately data has to jump through many hoops before it reaches your computer, and if just one of these is slow then the whole process will slow down. Sadly most ISP’s will provide you with a very low quality modem which isn’t capable of meeting the demands that most households will place on it, which could actually be causing you to lose money as you’re not able to fully utilise the speeds and bandwidth that are available. As part of a standard home network setup, the modem deals with the connection from your ISP to your home, and then after that the router takes charge, i.e. it distributes the data to all the devices connected to your network. Some routers, however, are unable to handle high bandwidth and will therefore slow your connection down. So what can you do to resolve this issue? 

Purchasing a cable modem router combo is one way to deal with the extremely common problem. Cable modem router combos allow you to fully utilise the bandwidth and speeds available to you. If you do a quick search for this type of device then you’ll see that there are many brands and models, which can make it a daunting task when trying to figure out which is best for you. Fear ye not - we have written this article to detail some of the best cable modem router combos currently available on the market today.

1) ARRIS SURFboard SBG7580: This model is widely recognised as the fastest on the market, and due to its capabilities and functionality, it’ll last you many, many years, allowing you to upgrade as soon as a new package is available. Granted, it is more expensive than most other models, but in reality it will be a good investment because over time you’ll be saving on monthly charges - and they sure do mount up!

2) Motorola MG7550: I’d say that this offering from Motorola is the best all-round option. It certainly isn’t the fastest, but it is definitely reliable. Plus, you’ll save yourself monthly fees and have a faster and more stable connection. It’s win-win.

3) Netgear Nighthawk C700: If you like lots of options and the opportunity to configure your modem/router as you please then this is the one you should probably plump for. It has many settings and modes, which will allow you to fine tune the device as you see fit, e.g. access restrictions, content blocking and even a guest network that enables you to keep your communication safe and secure. 

If you’d like more detailed information on the best cable modem router combos then we can highly recommend visiting the following website: 

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