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In order to get more Instagram likes there are several things that you must do. If you want to take the easy route and buy Instagram likes then that’s totally understandable, however if you want to implement a variety of tactics to grow your likes organically then we suggest using the following methods. If you are seeking to purchase Instagram likes then we recommend this website:

1) Tell a story: Captions are in integral part of Instagram and therefore of your Instagram posts too. Instagram has no character limit (unlike Twitter) therefore that gives you more leeway to be creative and write engaging content. By telling a story your followers (and potential followers) will get to know you more, which may result in more follows and likes for your content. Combining a high quality photo with a well-written caption is the key to gaining more interaction such as likes and comments.

2) Consistency: Be consistent. Post at the same time every day/week, and use the same filters and effects. People love brands and love being part of a brand, so by keeping a consistent theme they will view you as a brand that they can trust and rely upon. Having a recurring theme in your content will bring people back to it as it is familiar. 

3) Be you: How many times have you heard the phrase ‘Just be yourself’? Well it’s true, you should be - particularly on Instagram. Don’t be fake. Don’t put on an act. Just be your natural self 100% of the time. It can be difficult to do so as a significant number of users on social media put on a facade and play up for the cameras, but the most successful Instagrammers are the ones that are completely open and honest. If you want more likes then you must be yourself!

4) Use colours effectively: Colours really do have a big impact upon how many likes are received on a photo. It is surprising, but photos that have blue as the dominant colour get nearly 25% more likes than photos that don’t. If blue isn’t already the main colour in your Instagram photos then try it out and see how it can make a difference.

5) Appeal to more people: Although concentrating on your specific niche can pay dividends, it can sometimes be wise to try to appeal to a much broader audience. Sometimes it can be useful to branch out and see if you can garner likes and interaction from those outside of your niche. Try expanding your content to similar niches or even content a little further out than that. You’ve got nothing to lose by using this tactic, so give it a go!

6) Follower interaction: Your followers follow you because they love your content, yet by taking it one step further and allowing them to be involved in the content will make them love you even more (and will certainly get you more followers and likes). Ask your followers to submit their photos (related to your niche) and then feature the best ones. Customer and follower interaction is key to long-term and continued success on social media platforms like Instagram. 

7) Humour: No matter how serious your niche is - be funny! Everyone loves to laugh and it can brighten up people’s days, so don’t forget to slip some humour in there every so often. 

These are a just a few tactics that can be used to get more likes, however if you’re keen to increase your like count rapidly then buying likes is a valid tactic. If you are interested in doing this then visit the website above. 


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